The Silver Queen Saloon Review

The Silver Queen Saloon Review, Virginia City, Nevada

Commercial Photography by Kent McCracken

Photos by:
Kent McCracken

The Silver Queen Saloon is an anomaly of sorts as an archetypal back road bar and saloon.

She stands twenty foot tall with a belt of 28 twenty dollar gold pieces. Her dress contains 3,261 silver dollars mostly mined within site from the front door and ‘cross the wooden boardwalks fronting ‘C’ Street in Virginia City.  The silver queen herself, the lady, not the bar, was built by Carroll and Jerry Eaton in 1955 in honor and recognition of the people who labored for rich or for poor at the Comstock. She is the dominant wall art at this fine house of bar and very much a lady to your grace and regard.

Since 1989 The Silver Queen Hotel and Saloon has been a family quest, as well a means with no end. Connie Carlson and her father “Tiny” flipped houses for a living. The Queen was one they purchased to turn, “and turn she has,” states Connie with a smile, “to a dance all her own”.

Today the Silver Queen Saloon is a temple of restoration; a living historic relic you can literally hang your hat, chill at the bar, enjoy some music, and stay the night in a fully restored authentic western hotel, which has recently become famous by its haunted history and subsequent feature on TV’s Ghost Hunters.

The Queen carries well her original charm, attracting both tourist and locals, like the four ladies I met on tour, from Fernley Nevada, engaging in a little bar hopping of their own I was told.

Connie is a warm and openly proud owner of the Silver Queen Saloon and Hotel. She told me, as well thousands more, her work is her life and there’s no looking back. It’s presently apparent Connie adores her Hotel and her patrons and the life this authentic saloon so provides.

Connie and saloon girls display period dress, bearing warm smiles, and cold brewed express. But please, do be aware of the gun-toting pastor for his is the daytime domain of this lair. Said pastor Matthieu is fast on the draw churning out beers for all in good awe, but deadlier still his alter-ego instills, because at the alter none is better than the Queens gun-toting pastor. So now you may know, the Queen happens to glow for weddings and such in the royal house chapel. Shotgun weddings nay royalty to, so many the better for saying “I do”.

For more on this bar one needs to reflect a few of the Queens more famous respects, so to quote a few signs and spoken word two or three, “Everyone here is treated royally.” “Our drinks are twice as big, twice as strong, twice as good, so for twice sake twy one.” “A genuine western Saloon and Hotel.” “A good place to party, play and stay.” “What happens at the Queen, no one remembers.” And, well you get the idea…

The bar at this premise is rather quite tall, and often is quoted the very tallest of them all. Born of Pine and Doug‘fir yon Tahoe’s great lake, cut, milled, delivered and installed, you now know, in the year eighteen hundred and seventy six. Original it is and grand to behold, this bar is so fitting for sitting and swilling and telling tall tales new and old.

Bloody Mary’s, beer and hot buttered rum are reputed to be this houses most sought after beverage. Beer is served from the bottle at $3-$4 bucks. Well drinks run $3.50, with top shelf starting at $4 bucks and up, and hotel guests get a fifty-cent discount on all drinks, oh so nice.

Live music is covered most Saturday nights, with jam sessions showcasing neighboring clout. With nary a worry for hustle and bustle, patrons come early and late for respite.

So I hope you’ll be pleased when you find your ready en route, that is if I’ve done my good deed, left no doubt, and riffled your feathers for a personal peek, or a beer or a bloody, or whatever one seeks.

One may suspect, due to such prose, I may have been drinking, which I too may suppose, but so great is the feeling I get from this place, I just followed my suit in praise her good grace. Thus be the house of this Queen as observed, one to visit and enjoy as exquisite she is.

On my next outing I look forward to sitting and visiting so, with Connie and the Pastor and Mississippi too. Please give them a shout out from BRB, and from you and your crew, for all that they do. And tell Connie she rocks the western appeal with few equal.

Happy Reveling…

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